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Wheat Flour

WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR (CHAKKI ATAA): Atta is a multi-purpose food product best known for making chapattis, the quintessential part of every Indian Thaali. Many households in India boast of Chakki Atta as a very vital part of their health diet. Atta, particularly of Madhya Pradesh / Gujarat wheat, is very soft and healthful.

FINE WHEAT FLOUR (MAIDA): This milled and refined wheat flour is used for making a variety of Indian and Western dishes that are delectable to the core. From cakes to paav, to gujiya to veg rolls to pastries and from kachori-samosa kind of chaats to biscuits and cookies – Wheat Flour has more uses than an average housewife would know.

Given Flour is finely milled and refined wheat flour, closely resembling cake flour, and used extensively in making Indian fast food, Indian bakery products such as pastries and bread. And sometimes in making traditional Indian breads such as paratha and naan. It is made from the endosperm (the starchy white part) of the grain, while the fibrous bran is removed in the mill.

Specification Of Flour (Grade Wise)

Color Creamish White White
Protein 11% Min 11-13% Min
Moisture 14% Max 14% Max
Ash 1.20% Max 0.65% Max
Wet Gluten 27% Min 27% Min
Dry Gluten 8% Min 8.5% Min
Packing Multi wall plain new PP bags of 25 kgs or 50 Kgs
Container Loading 23 MT per 20 FT